Jellyfish Pattern

A tactile little jellyfish that dangles at around 4 inches tall, from head to tentacle tip. I spelled this one up specially for my friend Sarah, who, by the way, still needs to teach me some knitting skills.



  • DK yarn (8ply) in main colour (15g), and spiral tentacle colour (small amount)
  • 3mm hook
  • 9mm safety eyes
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Stuffing



MR = magic ring

CH = chain

SS = slip stitch

SKST = skip next stitch

SC = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)

HDC = half double crochet (US), half treble crochet (UK)

INC = increase (2sc in next stitch)

DEC = decrease

BLO = back loop only

FLO = front loop only

FO = fasten off

(…) = number of stitches in round

[…] = repeat these instructions



  • This pattern is mainly worked in the round. Do not join or turn work unless instructed.
  • For more help, please see the photo tutorial section at the end.




Use main colour.

Round 1: 6sc in a mr

Round 2: inc around (12)

Round 3: [sc, inc] around (18)

Round 4: [sc, inc, sc] around (24)

Round 5: [inc, 3sc] around (30)

Round 6: sc around

Round 7: [2sc, inc, 2sc] around (36)

Round 8: [5sc, inc] around (42)

Round 9: [3sc, inc, 3sc] around (48)

Round 10-15: sc around

Round 16: [3sc, dec, 3sc] around (42)

Round 17 in FLO: ch1, [5hdc in next stitch, skst] around. Ss in ch1 and fo (105dc)

Round 18 in BLO: join yarn to first stitch of last round, ch1, sc in same stitch as join and in each stitch around (42)

Place eyes between rounds 12 & 13, 6 stitches apart.

Round 19: [5sc, dec] around (36)

Round 20: [2sc, dec, 2sc] around (30)

Round 21: [3sc, dec] around (24)

Start stuffing and keep stuffing as you go.

Round 22: [sc, dec, sc] around (18)

Round 23: [dec, sc] around (12)

Round 24: dec around (6)

Fo, finish stuffing, and close hole.


Spiral Tentacles (make 3)

Use spiral tentacle colour.

Row 1: ch22, [hdc, sc] in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch to end (40)

Fo leaving long sewing tail, weave in end, sew to jellyfish. I attached mine between rounds 21 and 22, spaced evenly apart.


Straight Tentacles (make 6)

Use main colour.

Row 1: ch21, ss in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to end (20)

Fo leaving long sewing tail, weave in end, sew to jellyfish. I attached mine between rounds 18 and 19, spaced evenly apart.



Photo Tutorial Section

Join Yarn to Unused Back Loops

Click to enlarge.

Join yarn to the first unused loops of the round indicated. Sc in the same loop you joined to, and in each unused loop around. Do not join the round, just keep crocheting in a continuous spiral from now on.


download pdf

You may sell finished items made from this pattern. Do not sell or redistribute the pattern itself.

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